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Quality Pest Control of Yorba Linda prides itself in having some of the best Yorba Linda bed bug exterminators.  It appears that Yorba Linda bed bug infestations are increasing in the area. While we aren’t precisely sure why there is a surge of bed bugs in Yorba Linda, one of our guesses is that it’s likely caused by more and more people buying used furniture from Craigslist and inadvertently bringing these bed bugs home.

We can’t think of anybody who doesn’t mind bed bugs; they’re not easily-overlooked pests such as spiders.   While you’re sleeping, bed bugs come out to feed on your blood vessels by piercing the skin with a stylet (basically, a long part of its mouth).  Yes, it doesn’t sound appealing but they use the stylet to saw through your tissue so it can suck blood. They will feed for a few minutes before returning to their hiding place.  This area where the bed bug has fed will usually swell up and itch quite a lot.

It’s often difficult to physically detect Yorba Linda bed bugs. They will usually hide in the crevices around your bed and lay their eggs in the seams of the bed.  In most cases we’ve dealt with in Yorba Linda, people don’t realize they have bed bugs until they get attacked during the night while sleeping. In addition, if you notice small fecal spots or blood smears on your bedsheets, then you’ve likely been infested with bed bugs and you should call us right away to start treating them before they become a big infestation.

If you wake up with bite marks, think you actually saw a bed bug, or you have what appear to be fecal or blood spots on your bedsheets, you ought to call our Yorba Linda bed bug experts immediately!  Give us a call today at 714-278-4062 and our Yorba Linda bed bugs experts can provide you with a hassle-free quote!

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